Leaving the UK


London Regent Street UK

This is London Calling….

After 14 years in the UK, my husband and I have made the decision to leave the UK and try living in Canada. I have enjoyed living in the UK immensely, I always say that moving to London was the best thing I ever did – it is probably the most vibrant city in the world with its history and culture, and the added bonus of having amazing connections to Europe. It’s been a bit bittersweet to leave the UK – I’ve had a great job in the theatre industry and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. But it’s exciting to take some time to really explore the place I was born and raised. The plan is to go on a cross Canada trip from East to West over the summer months and settle in Vancouver later this year

I’ve decided to write this blog about our travels, to update friends and family on our progress but also to have something tangible to look back on once the trip is over. Canada is such a massive country and there are so many cultural and physical variances from region to region. Most people identify Canada as having snow, moose, and maple syrup. For anyone that hasn’t been to Canada before, these are reasonable assumptions. Hopefully this blog will highlight some of the unknowns about the country – many of the regions that I hope to visit on this trip will be a first for me.

Just a note about the name of the blog – I thought long and hard about a name and I did want to have a Canadian reference. Mounties is the obvious one, most people know about the Royal Canadian Mounted police and their bright red tunics (if you don’t, look them up). Moufettes is a bit more subtle – it is the French word for skunk. Skunks are everywhere in Vancouver, and are usually harmless, if a bit stinky. My family have long used the French word as we think it sounds a lot more sophisticated. I suppose combining an English and French word in the title is a nod to the official bilingualism of the country, but Canada, a country made up of people from other places, is probably one of the most multicultural in the world while somewhat lacking a unified identity. What does it mean to be Canadian? It can pretty much mean anything.

First up will be St. John’s Newfoundland…the most Eastern part of North America…


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